Many files require the most recent year W-2 as part of the income documentation.  At this time the 2021 W-2 would be the most recent year W-2, but most borrowers will not receive their 2021 W-2 until early February.

In lieu of waiting for the 2021 W-2 to be provided by their employer, we can accept the following alternative documents:

  • Final pay stub from 2021 showing the earnings for the year.
    • For Conventional loans the 2020 W-2 would also be required in addition to the final paystub of 2021.
    • For FHA loans, if the loan closes after January 31, FHA requires the 2021 W-2 to be in the file.


  • Fully Verification OF Employment completed by the employer showing the earnings for 2021.

Remember to follow the Automated underwriting findings, product description, and/or guidelines to determine if the file requires 1 or 2 years W-2’s.

Also, keep in mind that a January paystub might not show a complete 30 days YTD earnings. If a paystub with 30 days YTD earnings is required in the file, the last paystub from 2021 may also need to be provided to meet this requirement.