Ukraine Relief and Awareness

  1. Donate to one of the numerous charitable organizations providing support to people on the ground. Here are three that we’ve donated to:
    • GlobalGiving a crowdfunding platform, currently has a Ukrainian crisis relief fund working to provide food, water, shelter, and other assistance to refugees.
    • Direct Relief is working to fulfill a list of medical needs given to them by Ukraine’s health ministry.
    • Doctors Without Borders currently has teams in Ukraine and is working to send staff and medical supplies to the hardest-hit areas. Donate here to support its efforts in the area.
  2. Support Ukrainian journalism. Support Ukrainian journalists who are risking their safety and lives to report the atrocities happening in Ukraine to the world. Give to the English-language Kyiv Independent or the New Voice of Ukraine directly
  3. Stay informed–and aware of disinformation. It’s all too easy to turn a blind eye to what’s happening across the world–but apathy empowers authoritarianism. Stay informed, and keep in mind that Russia has a history of leveraging disinformation against other countries it invades, such as Georgia. So before you share a piece of news, verify its accuracy. of disinformation