Two versions of appliances exist.

PERMANENT – This means it is built in. Think of an island with a range top installed or built-in oven. These DO contribute to the value.

DETACHED – Think of appliances you just push in and plug in but can be removed easily. These DO NOT contribute value because they are considered personal property.


Neither a new home nor an existing home has to have appliances to be eligible. How cool is that! FYI, some lenders do have overlays.

BUT, if an appliance which is identified as refrigerators, ranges/ovens, dishwashers, disposals, microwaves and washers and dryers are present they MUST be operational. The appraiser must notate whether they contribute to the value as well.

There is some wiggle room if they mark the appliance as not operational and state no value given then it is possible. This is kind of discretionary though. It is not clear if it can be non-operational but kind of guides you that way. In my opinion, tell them to take it out if not working as it is not needed any way.


Fannie considers detached appliances a majority of the time to be considered personal property and therefore not contributing value. The appraiser CAN determine whether they consider the appliance to be detached or part of the permanent property as well as decide if it should be given value.

Fannie states the appraiser must state whether the appliances are common for the subject market area and if any are missing the impact on value or marketability.

This means lots of discretion and no specific guidance if truly required or not. I would say attached appliances are required. Detached are discretionary.


Believe it or not. Freddie is completely silent on the topic and gives no direction. When this happens, most lenders revert to Fannie Mae rules.


VA guidelines are silent on the issue as well. My source contacted the regional VA center, and they stated that permanently attached appliances must be installed. You do not have to test them for working order as that is what a home inspector is for.

Any free standing appliances like refrigerator or stove that plug in do not need to be installed.


USDA is also silent on this topic and most lenders revert to FHA guidelines when this happens.

This would be a great did you know topic for your realtor partners to educate them on what the agencies will and will not do.

Let us know if you have any quesitons