How Will Rising Interest Rates Impact the Housing Market?


The Federal Reserve recently approved an increase in interest rates and is planning on implementing more hikes in the coming months in order to curb inflation and preserve the growth of the economy. These climbing interest rates have many people wondering how the real estate market and housing prices will be impacted. If you are…

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Mortgage Economic Review April 2022

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The Mortgage Economic Review is a monthly summary of Key Economic Indicators, Data, and Events pertinent to Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals. AT A GLANCE – Key Economic Data and Events during March 2022 Interest Rates Higher: The Fed raised the Fed Funds Rate 0.25%. The 10-Year Treasury yield rose to 2.32% (Mar 31) from 1.83% (Feb 28).…

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Refinancing Your Mortgage For a Better Rate or Term


Taking out a mortgage to finance the purchase of a home is a substantial financial commitment, and fortunately, the original terms of your loan don’t always have to be permanent if you refinance your mortgage. A rate and term refinance is an option that can end up saving borrowers a significant amount of money over…

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Ukraine Crisis Relief and Awareness

Ukraine Relief and Awareness

Donate to one of the numerous charitable organizations providing support to people on the ground. Here are three that we’ve donated to: GlobalGiving a crowdfunding platform, currently has a Ukrainian crisis relief fund working to provide food, water, shelter, and other assistance to refugees. Direct Relief is working to fulfill a list of medical needs…

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What Kind of Documents Do You Need When You Buy a Home?


Are you interested in buying a home, and wondering what kinds of documents you will need to provide when you apply for a mortgage? The process of buying a home can seem stressful because it involves several steps, however being well prepared and having all of the necessary paperwork organized ahead of time can help…

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Max Out Your Homeowner's Tax Deductions

One of the many perks of homeownership is the annual mortgage interest deduction. If this is your first year filing as a homeowner, here are some tips to prepare this year’s federal return. Tax filing software or your accountant will help you identify your deductions, including these: You worked remotely in a home office (check…

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How Does Your Credit Score Impact Mortgage Rates?


When buying a home, the interest rate of your mortgage will affect the total amount you will pay for your home throughout the life of the loan. Your credit score directly impacts mortgage rate pricing, and if you have a higher credit score, you will be able to qualify for better interest rates. If you…

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Should I Follow The Dow or S&P 500?


If you have a bunch of different stocks or are savvy in stock trading then you likely monitor the S&P 500 or honestly they usually just monitor their own personal stocks. Then you have those who just have a 401-K or mutual fund that has a heavy portion of US Stocks then honestly your best…

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FHA Loans for the First Time Home Buyer in Florida


Become a Homeowner in Florida With an FHA Loan Buying a property and becoming a homeowner is a very exciting milestone, however, it can be a stressful process because of the many financial factors that go along with it. Oftentimes, potential first time homebuyers are concerned about being able to afford a down payment or…

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Condo Loans


General requirements applicable to all condo loans: • HOA in control for 12 months. (Unless already approved) • 90% of the units in the condo project sold. • No single entity owns more than (20% for FNMA, 25% for FHLMC) of the total units in the project. • No more than 20% of the total…

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