Recast or Refinance – We offer both

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Refinancing -vs- Recasting Refinancing a mortgage is when you apply for a new mortgage and use it to replace the existing mortgage.  In most cases this is done to lower an existing interest rate, consolidate bills or to get cash out of the equity.  Refinancing requires lender loan approval and typically involves normal closing costs… [Read More]

Innovative Financing Solutions for Property Investors

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We understand the unique needs and challenges of property investors. That’s why we offer innovative solutions and common-sense underwriting designed to provide more options, great rates, and a smooth funding experiences. • Advantageous rental income calculation. • Loan amounts up to $2,000,000 • Full Doc, Bank Statement, Debt Service Calculations, Stated-Income and No-Ratio Loan options… [Read More]

Physician Loans

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• As little as 3% down -with 720 FICO • Primary residence: purchase and rate/term re-finance • 1-unit single family residence, warrantable condo, and PUD • Eligible borrowers: • Medical residents, new and established doctors • Includes Dentists and Optometrists • At least one borrower must hold a valid license • Exclusion of student loan… [Read More]

Reverse Mortgages


—-Reverse Mortgage Key Benefits & Features—- Eliminate monthly mortgage payments Stay in home and retain full home ownership Tax-free loan proceed Choose to receive proceed as lump sum, monthly payments or line of credit Growing line of credit Non-recourse loan No prepayment penalty —-Reverse Mortgage Eligibility—- Homeowner must be 62 years old or older Must… [Read More]

VA Home Loans. No down payment

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15 (conforming balance), 20, 25 and 30-year Fully Amortizing Fixed Rate, Citizenship is not required, High LTV with no monthly mortgage insurance, Not, limited to first-time homebuyers, IRRRL allowed without an appraisal.


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NO CREDIT SCORE, NO PROBLEM! Provide FHA opportunities to borrowers without a credit history. Get in touch with us today to learn more. Successful applicant must show: Three documented alternative trade lines, each with a 12-month history, No late payments on rental history, No more than one 30 day late payment to other creditors, such… [Read More]

Checkout Our 12 Month Bank Statement Program!

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Self Employed Borrowers Salaried Co-Borrower Allowed Personal and/or Business Bank Statements Allowed $50,000 Minimum Loan Amount 620 Credit Score up to $1,000,000 660 Credit Score up to $2,500,000 55% Maximum Debt to Income Ratio Interest Only & Fully Amortized 5/1 LIBOR ARM Purchase, Rate & Term Refinance and Cash Out Ask Your Account Executive for… [Read More]

Single Close Construction to Permanent Loan

 Single Close Construction to Permanent Loan provides both the interim construction financing and permanent loan financing.  Eliminates multiple loans  Allows up to a 12 month construction term  Purchase the land and build a new home  Limited Cash-Out – if the borrower owns the lot at time of application   Benefits… [Read More]

Down Payment Assistance Program

Your next home is now Within Reach™ Some of the key benefits of Within Reach • Down Payment assistance amounts 3.00% or 4.00% of the 1st mortgage total loan amount • DPA Grant – no repayment required • FHA, USDA, VA programs • Seller Credit of 6% is allowed • Gift funds are allowed •… [Read More]